A Little Bit About Me

When I was in high school one of my favorite things to do was fill out e-mail surveys that were going around.  I’d receive one, fill it out, send it to all of my friends, and wait for their replies.  I had some funny friends and I actually have some saved in my e-mail even though it’s been 14 years since I graduated.

So, here’s a little survey about me.

-How many candles were on your last birthday cake? 32

-Height: 5’2’’

-Eye color: Hazelish

-Hair color: Deep intense auburn, currently with “unicorn hairs” because I need a dye job and hope to get around to it Sunday.

-Where did you graduate high school and what year? Small town in MI, 2002

-In the car- ac or windows: Windows.  Top down!

-Favorite game: Trivial Pursuit, which is kind of funny because I never win and we own 200 board games.  That’s not an exaggeration.

-Favorite drink: I am a fan of water, tea, coffee, beer, and Southern Comfort.  I do miss drinking.  It’s only for a little while.

-Favorite food: Potatoes and pickles, not together though!

-Favorite colors : Black and blue.

-Favorite thing to do on a weekend: Read, nap, load around, eat good food, drink great beer, play games with Hubby.  Did I mention I miss beer?

-First thought in the morning: Sometimes it’s, “Alright!  I’m getting up and kicking butt!” but sometimes it’s, “Alright.  I’m getting up.  It’s kicking my butt.”

-Do you get motion sickness: Sometimes, if I read while in the car or, say, exercising.

-Rollercoasters- deadly or exciting: Exciting except that I don’t like them.  They hurt.  Does nobody else experience that?

-Are you a good friend: I try to be.  I try to be helpful and supportive and loving.

-Chocolate or Vanilla cake: Funfetti, bitches.

-What do you drive: 2011 Ford Mustang Convertible, grabber blue with black stripes.  I do love my car and I bought it because my father was a horrible influence.  Dad gave me some great advice when I bought it and it has, thus, developed Extra Meaning.

-Thunderstorms cool or scary: Awesome.

-Favorite brand of gum: I don’t really chew gum but I do like old school quarter machine gum, I guess.

-Have you ever been in love: Still am.

-Is the glass half-empty or half-full: Half-full because then there’s less to clean up when a cat knocks it over.  I think that’s called pragmatism. lol.

-Which one, Coke or Pepsi: Diet Rock N Rye.  Diet Root Beer.  Iced tea. lol

-Are you a righty, lefty, or ambidextrous: Righty tighty

-Do you type with your fingers on the right keys: For the most part.  Kids are always impressed with my typing, whcih is loud and fast.  My boss likes to tease me about beating up the keyboard.

-What’s under your bed: I have a waterbed.  Seriously.  With drawers under it.  So, Hubby’s t-shirts and PJ’s and my pullover sweaters and pants.

-What’s the best number in the World: 8, even though I like to do things in 5’s.

-What is your dream car: I’m fine with mine, actually… I guess that I always wanted a 2002 Trans Am, black, with t-tops.  But I really do like my car and if I got a new car I would want another Mustang.  And, yes, I HAVE put a car seat in a Mustang, you guys.

-Favorite Salad Dressing: Ranch

-One pillow or two: Two

-Pets: Four cats:  Delilah, Midget, Antonio, and Meeples.

-Hobbies: Reading, writing, and board games.  I like to sew but haven’t been able to lately because my machine is a little…buried.  I also enjoy coloring but usually just do it while I watch TV.

-Favorite Holiday: Halloween!

Speaking of Halloween, our party is tomorrow night and I am nowhere near ready.  But I will be and it will be great to spend time with my friends!

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