Halloween Party Day!

I know that it is earlier than I usually write and it is surely earlier than I would like to be writing, but I have more than enough to say and more than enough today!

**First, an aside, six years ago today I took a break from cleaning and painting my new house to meet a couple of friends for a beer.  Of course, these particular friends are pretty bad influences and the bar we were at had PBR for really cheap and we ended up walking back to their house where I pretty much gave into the fact that I was not going home that night.  My buddy M’s friend had heard about me and that I might be looking for a new boyfriend and he kept texting M and inviting himself over until I relented and said he could come.

That was Hubby!  We stayed up until 5 AM together than night.  Four days later we got dinner.  A week and a half after that he helped me move into my house and, well, he kind of never left.  I love him.  Now I feel all gross and mushy!**

Today is our annual Halloween Party!  I hosted my first Halloween party six years ago, just days after closing on the house.  I didn’t live here yet but I filled the living and dining areas with tables and chairs, threw up some decorations, and made some pizza rolls and drinks and we had a party.  It was a pretty wild one too!  Someone clogged the toilet and I didn’t have a plunger so everyone had to go outside for the night.  I’m sure my neighbors loved me!  When my parents brought me a plunger the following morning, my father apparently just pointed to my siding and said to my mom, “That’s puke.”

We are older now and my group of friends have changed a bit.  I’m pregnant.  I don’t expect anyone to throw up on the side of my house this year!  IN fact, I’ll be surprised if I can stay awake until everyone leaves.  At least my friends are awesome and super understanding.

I have a big day ahead of me.  I still need to finish cleaning the basement.  I need to do some light cooking.  And I need to decorate.  I didn’t get much sleep last night so I’m sure that I will need a nap or two.  Plus I need I run to the bank this morning because my nephew is coming over to haul some construction trash out of my front yard.

I mentioned yesterday that I like to do things in 5’s and I’ll talk about that more some other day but I’d like to give you an example of what I mean.  While I’m getting ready today and also trying to get in my everyday to do list, I’ll do My Fives as I call them.  When I got up this morning, I went to the basement and picked up five things, then I did my reading for the day, then I picked up five things, now I’m blogging, and after this I’ll pick up five things.  You’d be amazed at how much I can get done this way without feeling like I am doing anything at all.  It works with a lot of things,too.  Sometimes I even read five pages in between doing things.  It gives me a little rest but keeps me moving right along.

This is about the time my mother would shake her head and call me crazy.  At least I’m the productive kind!


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