Lazy Sundays

Lazy Sundays are the best!

The Halloween party was a success.  We had 14 guests which is really almost too many for my house to handle!  It’s a good thing that the deck was done and the weather was nice because a few people spent most of the night out there.  The food was a hit.  Hubby grilled some steak and veggies and I made meatballs, spicy baked pretzels, and two pumpkin pies.  We only have most of one pie left!  And the meatballs were such a hit that a few people were disappointed when they discovered they were gone.

It was nice seeing all of my friends, who I think of as a second family.  L and her husband came early so that she and I could play Song Burst, a game where you have to finish the lyrics of songs.  We’re both forces when it comes to oldies and it was a lot of fun to just sing and chat and hang out before the insanity started.  Then my house was full and there were more games and funny stories and even some Carolina Reapers, the hottest peppers.  I really had a great time and I was impressed that I managed to stay up until 2:30.

Today I slept in and woke up wanting some pizza and some rest.  There are, of course, one million things that I should spend my day doing: laundry, cleaning up from the party, reading, and writing.  But I’ve decided that Future Rachael can deal with all of that stuff.  I’ve spent the day gloriously sitting on the couch with Hubby and a rotation of cats, watching television and just relaxing and eating pizza.

This is my favorite kind of Sunday and I reminded myself not to feel guilty.  I won’t be able to get away with this for much longer.  I better enjoy it while I can.

Tomorrow is Monday.  Back to the real world.  AND it’s Hubby’s 32nd birthday!


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