Some days are hard.

While I want to spend this blog focusing on the good and trying to be happier, today I want to admit that some days are hard.

Some days my nerves are like tight coils because of an election.

Some day my anxiety is high because I forgot to take my pills for a number of days in a row.  (Hubby already lectured me.)  Knowing that there’s nothing to actually worry about doesn’t make the worry go away.  I’m walking around like, “I am going to die in childbirth.”

Some days I am tired even though I’ve slept well for two nights in a row.

Some days I don’t want to talk to anyone but the cats.

Some days I physically do not feel well.  Today I am nauseous enough that I was afraid I’d throw up and had to hang out in the bathroom at work for a bit.

Some days I just want to hide in my nice quiet house, in my nice warm bed.

Some days I am worried that the world will end or that nobody likes me or that I am about to make a huge mistake even though I have no idea what that mistake might be.

Some days stretch out in front of me and seem never ending.  I count the hours.  Only 6.5 until I can go home.

Some days are just too much and all that I can do is try not to think about it, keep my hands and mind busy, and trust that I can get through it okay.

I hope that none of you are having a day like this.  Maybe you can send some good vibes my way.


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