Looking Ahead

I’ll get my political shit out of the way first.  If you’d like to skip it, please feel free to scroll down to the asterix.

I don’t think that it should come as a surprise to you, but it might, that I have suffered a great disappointment in the last 12 hours.  Aiming to be honest about who I am here does not mean that I have been forthright about it because for the most part who you are is not something you need to be forthright about.  I am a feminist and a Pagan, a liberal and a firm believer in love, truth, and books (not necessarily in that order).  I was hoping to have our first female president, a woman who I admire and feel can do the job, but instead have been shown that half of the voting population doesn’t realize that they have voted for hatred, misogyny, racism, a recession, the undoing of what little good we have been able to accomplish in eight years, and the grave possibility of war.  And I am giving them the benefit of a doubt here, that they just don’t realize.

Truth:  We live in the best of all possible worlds.

The philosopher Leibniz coined the phrase “the best of all possible worlds” and in recent years I have come to believe that this is where we live.  It makes it easier to handle things.  I am bitterly disappointed right now, but this is the best of all possible worlds.  In some alternate reality, Hillary won and there is going to be a civil war.  Who knows what will happen.  Maybe Trump will do a good job.  All I can do right now is continue on in love and faith and hope.  All I can do is deal with my little corner of the world.

*There.  Anyway.  Looking ahead.

When I freak out, I tend to get a little consumerist and my brain has been turning.  What I’ve been thinking about the most lately has been gardening.  My yard is a freaking trash heap.  I would love to make it nice next year.  To do so, I plan on (1)adding more bricks to my hosta bed border, (2) adding many more hostas to my hosta bed, (3) cleaning out the vegetable garden and actually getting the plants in on time in the spring, and (4)beginning to work on a bulb border along my northern property line fence.  The yard has been on my mind big time and I’m going to start pinning some pictures in an effort to get it out!

Last night, Hubby told me that he was thinking about getting his annual Christmas loan from the credit union and using it to replace our couch.  I LOVE our couch.  I bought it almost six years ago when I first moved in from the Art Van Clearance Center.  Hubby has wanted to replace it for a while and I have to admit that it has probably outlasted it’s actual life.  But for $300 I got a couch with tall arms (I like to sit sideways or nestled in the corner), a fabric that doesn’t show cat hair, and a piece that I’m pretty much okay with the cats tearing up.  I’d actually buy the exact same couch again except that I think Hubby would smother me with the cushions!  On a whim I jumped onto Ikea’s website this morning and the perfect little sectional was right on the front of their living room page.  I sent a pic to Hubby.  Maybe.  Probably not but maybe.

Finally, a couple of small ticket items.  After work today I need to swing by Starbucks and grab some beans.  We only drink Starbucks coffee around our house because we both love it and life is too short to drink shitty coffee.  It’s that time of year when the specials roll out: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Holiday.  I love them all and I want to stock up on them even though I am supposed to be saving money.  After Starbucks a quick stop at Kroger.  I’m thinking cube steak, potatoes, and broccoli for dinner tonight.  Tomorrow I have an appointment bright and early about an hour away from home.  I’ll have some time to kill so I think I’ll pop into Payless, Target, and T.J. Maxx.  There are some things I need, like a black cardigan, some weather appropriate shoes, and some night cream.

I mean, the best way to deal is to stimulate that economy, am I right??

I hope that everyone else is looking ahead too and trying to make their corners more comfortable and happy!


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