To whom do you spew?

This election season and the reactions to it have left me pretty much in a rage since 1 AM, Wednesday.  I find the double standards deplorable and feel like both sides are handling the aftermath poorly.  Even though I have been trying to do my best to avoid Facebook, I find it hard because I actually LOVE Facebook.  Every time that I log on I am submitted to more and more bullshit and it’s difficult not to point out factual inaccuracies to people who will believe they are right no matter what.

I am lucky.  My Bestie lets me spew to her.  Today she let me rant about it all and didn’t even get upset about things she didn’t agree with.  She called our conversation a “freedom tree of anger” and that seems about right.

There are times when it is best to bow out of the public debate, not because you fear the confrontation but because you realize how fruitless the whole thing is.  What good will it do for me to waste my time trying to educate people who don’t want to be educated?  None.  I have better things to do.

But I sincerely hope that when you are having a hard time and you feel those negative feelings welling up that you have someone to spew to, too.  Don’t spew for long.  If you do you’ll just feel worse.  Instead, let yourself vent and then move on to better topics.

I am feeling better today and I am happy to be back at work!  I’m kind of kicking ass, actually.  Just now I am handling my afternoon heartburn with finesse.  I have only an hour and a half left and then it is Friday night and I get to have a weekend!  Plans for this weekend?  Games, dying my hair, going out for Hubby’s birthday dinner treat, maybe a book store, hopefully hanging a ceiling fan in the master bedroom, D&D on Sunday.

I am working hard to catch up on NaNoWriMo and hope to slide into “caught up” status by Monday.  I want to finish reading Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay by then too.  I’ve only got about 70 pages left.  I’d like to clean the house up and keep working on myself and my positive-ish attitude.  It never hurts to snuggle some cats.

No matter how bad it seems or how upset you are, I hope that you find the ability to forgive the people you love.  Remember that some debates aren’t worth having.  AND, most of all, take care of your little corner of the world.  It’s all that you have any control over anyway.

Lovies!  Until tomorrow!


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