I need a Saturday.

It’s Saturday and, boy, do I need one!

It has been quite the week.  Everybody is fighting and so many people are just downright factually wrong about things that I’ve had a hard time taking a step back.  Today I want to take a step back.

I want to read and write and dye my hair and putt around the house.  If Hubby decides that today is the day for his birthday dinner treat, I want to go to my favorite used book store and spend a ridiculous amount of money on books.  I want to go to my favorite antique mall.  I want to just wander away from the world for a bit.  Is that too much to ask?

Today I don’t want to think about the million little things that worry and upset me.  I just want to chill.  Relax.  Be happy.  I want to do things that make me feel GOOD.

I’ve had a rough start, the coils of fear and sadness winding tighter and tighter.  But, starting right now, I want to let all of that go and start again.  Let’s all take deep breaths, make ourselves a promise, and then go and have good days.


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