Get Around To It Somedays

When I think about the things that I want, there are a lot of things that I could do right now.  I mean, there are, of course, things that take time and money and planning and all of that, like my desire to own a big old house or to at least redo large swaths of mine, but there are things that don’t take that much.

I would like a nice vegetable garden next year.

I would like the yard to look better next year, mowed more often and with more flower beds.

I have been wanting to start my own Booktube.

I want to be stronger, lifting some light weights at least, and do some prenatal yoga.

These are things that I can just DO.  I don’t need to keep waiting.  Yes, I’d like a new camera before trying a Booktube but a couple of months ago I passed on a barely used one for $20!

The thing is that sometimes you have to put the wheels in motion.  You have to put the work in.  I may not be able to plant until May but I can start planning my gardens.  I can start putting money away.  There are things I can do now that will help me later, when things are in my grasp.

My mother often worries that I am putting too much pressure on myself and expecting too much of myself.  Sometimes I do fall into that trap but I know that I have the ability to do great things and really get things done, and doing those things makes me feel accomplished and happy.

I want to leave you with this thought: For the past week, I have been feeling like a lesser human being.  I am angry and I am hurt and I feel like a lot of people think of me as less of a person simply because I am a woman.  But I want to remember, and so I want to say, that I am amazing.  I am a woman who truly has it all.  I have a husband, a house, a baby on the way, a successful career, cats, a loving family, decent looks, great friends, books times a million, and so much more.  Every day I do amazing things, just in the ordinary daily rounds.  I am strong and I LOVE.  That says a lot.



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