Much Improved

Today I am feeling much improved.  Yesterday was hard and I could not pin down the reason.  I was out of sorts until I went to bed and when Hubby joined me later I had a hard time not snapping at him.  I just caught myself and rolled over and went back to sleep.  He didn’t even keep me awake five minutes.

But this morning I woke up with the feeling that it was like any other morning.  It had the possibility of going either way and I decided I wanted it to go well.  I worked out, picked up the house, made delicious coffee, laughed at my podcasts, tried a great new shampoo, loved the cats, and managed to be cheerful and to keep moving.  There were lots of little things to make the morning better: a muffin and coffee and kitties and laughter.

When I called my mom this morning, like I do every morning, she had just hit a deer.  I hung around the house a little longer than I had intended just to make sure she didn’t need anything.  She was less than a mile from her house and there is a good chance that her car is totalled.  She was okay, but a little shaken up and felt bad for the deer.  I picked her up and took her home then called her again before I got to work to check on her.  She was already out getting breakfast.

Up here in Michigan we have Big Ass Deer and yesterday was opening day for firearms.  The deer are all riled up.  Last night a car two ahead of me hit a deer and I passed another car waiting for the cops on the way in today.  It’s time to be careful and safe but sometimes they are unavoidable.  I hit one a while ago with my last Mustang and there was just nothing to be done about it.

When I was in my funk yesterday, a friend texted me about all of the food she wanted to eat.  She’s my foodie friend and we get each other.  When I was disappointed with my lunch, she said one of the most inspiring things that I heard all day.  “At least there’s still dinner.”  Looking ahead like that when I was feeling so low really helped me through my day and dinner ended up being pretty delicious.

There has been too much funk around here lately!  When I started the blog on the first, I never expected the world to seem so dire when I was trying to be happier.  But that’s the way things go sometimes.  I’m ready hold my head up and get on with it.  How about you?



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