It’s Friday here, my friends, and I hope that it is Friday wherever you are too!

I’m starting to hear those Michigan Mumbles about snow.  I saw a post about an approaching blizzard the other day even though my own weather source said nothing about it.  We’re supposed to see some flakes tomorrow but it sure doesn’t seem like it today.  It’s sunny with a predicted high of 69.  I passed a couple of motorcycles on the way in this morning and one classic car.  I’m wearing sandals and I even left my jacket in the car.

So, let’s see, it’s Friday and it’s beautiful out.  What else?

The big topic of conversation at work this week has been reubens.  Subway is apparently making one now and two of my coworkers have tried them.  I’m not a huge fan of Subway and my preferred mode of reuben is the greasy spoon.  I wrote Hubby earlier and asked if he wanted to go out for a reuben tonight and agreed.  I’m glad because it sounds really good now.

I’ve been working on a grocery list, as we’re going to fight the crowds tomorrow to fill the house with food.  I really need to work on my meal planning with a little one on the way.  It’s not our strong suit.  We tend to decide what we want halfway through the day and one of us stops for the ingredients.  I’m thinking some fajitas next week and for the rest of the weekend maybe some bruschetta (Hubby makes THE BEST) and some wings.  We have a lot of snacks around the house but I am low on produce.

I am really looking forward to this weekend and I am really enjoying today.  It must be the sunshine, right?  I’ve managed to have a smile for everyone today and something to say to them, even if it is just small talk.  Tonight, after dinner, we’re planning on playing some games.  Neither of the suggested games are very involved and I’m glad because I am still a little worn out!  We’re planning some Carcassonne and Seven Wonders Duel.  I’ve been in the mood to play some rummy lately too so maybe we’ll squeeze some in this weekend.

I am in such a good mood!  I hope that I can stretch it out and make it last.


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