Well, typical Michigan weather.  70 and sunny yesterday, cold and snowy today.

We went to town early today for groceries and a quick Home Depot stop.  Hubby seems to be really involved in doorknobs lately and has been changing the interior ones to match.  NOTHING matches in our house, except for the things that we’ve done.  Meijer was crazy today but it was better tan I had expected.  The weekend before Thanksgiving can be a bit much in the grocery stores but it was a regular Saturday crowd.  Half way through our trip we decided to make tacos tonight and loaded up on the goodies.

I also bought cookies while Hubby wasn’t looking.  Because cookies.  That’s why.

I got to take an afternoon nap, which I needed, and when I woke up we worked on installing the new ceiling fan in the bedroom.  The light quit working in ours a few months ago and we moved in a floor lamp so I could do my makeup in the morning, since we need to do some work in the bathroom still to get the mirror up in there.  Hubby had the great idea to put a big board over the waterbed so he could stand on something solid.  When he put up the last one he ended up hurting his shoulder.

The new fan looks great!  Now I’m thinking about changing the color of our accent wall in there.  I’m thinking about doing it the color we chose for the bathroom but I’m not sure if that’s, well, tacky.  We’ll see.  We have more than enough to do around here.  We need to finish the bathroom and work on the basement and get the nursery going.  Hubby wants to tear up the carpet in there because it has housed the litter for years.

The cats are indifferent to the goings on today.  In fact, Midge and Meeples slept on the bed most of the time we were putting up the fan.  Oh, to be a cat!


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