Writing: Some Truths

Writing is an important part of my life.  Ever since I was just little, I have wanted to be a writer.  My mother tells me that I used to carry around a notebook and “write stories” and that it was kind of annoying.  🙂

A couple of years ago, I was going through a really hard time, and not just one that I made up.  My father had died suddenly.  I had a hard time with it, because who wouldn’t?  But also because my father was the person who I felt was most like me in the whole world and I knew that he loved me very, very much and he was my rock.  And then he was gone.  I had a hard time reading and a hard time writing and one day I sat down with my computer, loaded up my novel, and thought, “Maybe I just shouldn’t write anymore.”  And that was the saddest thought I had ever had.

Truth: I need to write.

Since then, I have tried to make writing a part of my day, every day.  I didn’t always do it but I tried and sometimes I struggled with it.  Then, earlier this year, I was reading Chuck Wendig’s blog.  He writes about writing a lot and I find his posts very helpful.  In this specific one, he said that some days are not writing days.  That’s all there is to it.Some days you may need to just think or do some editing or just take a break.

And that, my friends, is where I am with NaNoWriMo today.  I spent all of that time catching up on my word count last weekend and I have kept up with it all week but today my brain is violently rioting against writing.  It wants a break.  There are only 10,000 words left to go but those 10,000  seem absolutely daunting right now.

So, I’m going to give myself a break even though I KNOW that it will be easier if I don’t.  Instead, I’m going to work on my to do lists and get ready for second Thanksgiving this evening and enjoy the company of my in-laws.  Because I know another truth about writing.

Truth:  Some days just aren’t writing days.

Happy Second Thanksgiving!


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