Fresh Start Day 2

I was driving home from work.  I had dinner in the car and it smelled delicious.  I was listening to Little Town on the Prairie.  The day had been mild.  It was just dusk and it was still a little light out in the west.  I was comfortable.  And I was happy.  I was very happy.  I was excited to go home and eat dinner and hang out with my man and my cats.

And that felt good.

I have been trying very hard these past two days.  Yesterday a couple of things really bothered me and it took a lot of energy for me to get past them without dwelling on them.  I had to forgive people and recognize that I was the reason I felt the way I did.  Then I smiled and got on with it.  Today it was easier.  Will it be even easier tomorrow?

I’ve been trying a couple of things.  First, I’ve been trying to get all of my house stuff done in the morning before I go to work.  Second, I’ve been completely picking up the house every day (as opposed to doing what I can in 5-10 minutes).  Finally, I’ve been trying to just get over the bad shit that pops up.  These are mostly little things but they make a big difference.

I hope you had a happy moment today too!


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