Sleep debt.  SLEEP DEBT.  I was catching up.  I was paying it back, little by little.  Then I had an incident last night and now I owe 6 hours again.  Ugh.  Will it ever stop?

Regardless, I’ve felt pretty good today but right now I am exhausted.  I cannot wait to get home but I don’t know why because I want to rally and do stuff tonight that is not just passing out on the couch like I did last Friday.  I want to play some games!  I want to hang out!  I also don’t want to be tired anymore.  Seriously.  What a week!

I could have some caffeine.  I mean, I’ve barely had any today.  I don’t know if it will actually help but I could try it.

Today was the nice, quiet punctuation I needed at the end of the week.  Just nice and quiet.  Not a lot to do at work and not a lot of expectations at home.  Sometimes we all need a down day, a day when we don’t have to run run run.  I am just a quick stop at the grocery store away from home and I’m happy about that.

Another busy weekend but if I tell you about it now I won’t have anything to talk about this weekend!


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