Day 1

Ugh.  I missed yesterday!  I didn’t even realize it until this morning when I was thinking about how I was going to manage my day.  I’m really disappointed because I was doing so well with the daily writing.  I was busy, though.  I promise it wasn’t a day poorly spent.

Yesterday I got up, made my dish to pass, went to the bank with Hubby, got breakfast, stopped at the local beer store for white elephant gifts, picked up my father-in-law’s truck, got a Christmas tree, took it home, took back the truck, came home, showered, went to the family Christmas party, came home, and passed out on the couch at around 9:30.  See?  Busy!  But now I have a tree that’s just waiting to be decorated and paper chain that is way too long.

Today we are getting a snow storm, 6 to 8 inches, and, as such, we will not be leaving the house.  We were up early and made some pancakes and bacon and now it’s time to get some stuff done.  My plan for the day is to read a bit, do my usual to do list, finish cleaning the house, decorate the tree, take a glorious nap, and maybe even get around to playing the Sims which I haven’t done in a while a sounds like a blast.

For me the day is a snow day.  I want to take my time and enjoy the visual while knowing that I don’t have to deal with the reality until tomorrow, when the commute will be a mess but I have a good audiobook to get me through.  It’s the kind of day when you drink warm drinks and each Christmas cookies and don’t shower.  We all need days like this…

I’ve often thought that once a year there should be a national snow day.  In order for it to work, I think there would have to be like two or three so that we could take shifts.  But wouldn’t it be great if you woke up one random day and just had to stay home and not get punished for it?  I err on the side of days off, always.  Snow days are one of the reasons I almost wish I had become a teacher instead of a librarian.

I hope the weather is fine where you are or that you don’t have to go out in it if it isn’t!


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