Am I Ridiculous?

A conversation today with Hubby about cars.  His power steering went out on the way home from work on Tuesday and even though it was being fixed today he was thinking about getting a new car.  Of course, I got drawn into it too.

I’ve been thinking about a new car.  I drive a Mustang.  I know that I can put a car seat in a Mustang because I have before.  I know that I can drive a Mustang in a Michigan winter because I’ve been driving Mustangs in the winter for 12 years.  Plus, I’m inclined to keep my car purely because so many people keep insisting that I buy a new, family-friendly car.  (Why?  Hubby has a Jeep.  That’s a family car.)

Anyway, looking around online I found a car that I liked.  Inexpensive, low mileage, all wheel drive, dark grey, leather, remote start, heated seats.  These are things that sound marvelous to me after a week of freezing temperatures and crappy roads.  I sent it to Hubby and he found a similar car closer to home.  Only, you know, silver and cloth seats and no remote start or heated seats.  It just didn’t seem worth it to me.  What’s the point in buying something that’s not better than what I already have just because it’s bigger and drives better in the snow?

Plus, it’s silver.

When I said this to Hubby, he said that I was ridiculous.  And it kind of stung.  Is it ridiculous to know what you want?  Is it ridiculous to know what you don’t want?  Is it ridiculous to not want to spend $15,000 on a car that you’re not even interested in?

I don’t think so, you guys.  I don’t think that I am ridiculous.

Besides, I can make this car last a bit longer anyway.  I think.


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