Have you seen that word floating around lately?  It’s popped up a couple of times in the past week for me.  It’s basically described as the Danish secret to staying happy during the long winters.  I haven’t done a lot of research but generally people describe it as making things cozy and making small moments meaningful.

Today I am hygge-ing my day.

I woke up early and laid in bed for a while because I was comfortable.  When I got up, I made myself a cup of Christmas tea and made the bed.  Since then, I’ve been lounging in bed with my books and my to do list, donning my pajamas and robe.  I’m warm.  I’m comfortable.  I’m relaxed.

It’s nice.

There are, as always, a lot of things that I would like to do today but I am doing them slowly, at my own pace.  I have declared ti a snow day, a day to just take it easy, a day to charge my batteries.

Books, blankies, and kitties.  I cannot think of a better place to be.


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