How long do you have to use a gift?

I’m just curious.

See, last year I was gifted a really big organizer.  The person who gave it to me knew that I wanted a planner and felt that it was the kind of thing that would help with my ~new~ professional position.  She personalized it and bought me all kinds of accessories for it and it was a wonderful gift.

But it’s just too big, you guys.  It’s four times the size of what I need.  It weighs more than I need it to weigh.  It has a lot of things that I don’t use.  It even collects junk because there’s space for it.

I don’t want to hurt the person’s feeling and, honestly, I don’t think that she would even know if I stopped using it.  Hubby would know, maybe, and I don’t want him to be upset either.

But I’ve been looking at simplifying lately and this is one of the things that is just TOO MUCH for me.  I’d like just a nice, cheap, black planner.

I think I’ll do it, you guys.  I think that I’ll take the leap and get a smaller planner for the new year.  Why not?


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