Hustle and Bustle

It’s been a busy couple of days.

Yesterday I had my check up and met with one of the other doctors.  I liked him a lot.  he was really laid back and didn’t treat me like I was an idiot.  After my appointment, I dropped Hubby off to pick up his new car.  he’s so excited.  He likes it a lot.  Then I rushed back to meet Mom for lunch.  Then I went to work until 9.  When I got home, I made my tea and started up the Netflix fireplace and just settled in when Hubby came home.  Then I talked to him until I could barely think.

Up early this morning in an attempt to get some last minute running in before work today.  I only managed to get out of the house 20 minutes early and then I realized I forgot my lunch and had to go back.  I had just enough time to stop at Walmart for a couple of last minute gift sets and drive through McDonald’s for a parfait before I had to rush to work.  Started the day with a meeting that ran way longer than expected and then felt like I needed to rush to get stuff done.  I went to pick up pies on my lunch break, eating my lunch while I drove.

Now I am in the last stretch.  Less than two hours left.  I’m tired and still have some running to do: a gift car and a gift set to pick up.  There’s no consensus on dinner.  I’d like to just go to sleep.  But, I have to hold it together for a while longer and I’d really like to get a second wind and play a couple of games tonight.

We have a busy weekend.  Two Chritmases and some car shopping.  But I intend to make it a GOOD weekend.  A HAPPY weekend.  A LOVELY weekend.

I hope your holidays are rockin!


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