The Big Three

As the new year nears, I get excited about setting new resolutions.  I have a hard time holding myself back and I get caught up in all kinds of ideas about what life should be and what I want to be like.  I thrive on these thoughts.  I chase them down, grab a thread and follow it until another one catches my attention.  It may seem chaotic on the outside, this bouncing from topic to topic, but I find it invigorating.

That being said, I ran across the idea of the Big Three on a random blog this week.  It wasn’t anything that really stuck out in the blog, not one of the writer’s big ideas, just a passing thought.  I am so sorry that I didn’t write down the blog!  If I stole this from you and you happen across me in internet land, please tell me so I can credit you.

The Big Three

  1. Healthy Body
  2. Clear Mind
  3. Nourished Soul

This coming year promises to be eventful and stressful.  My first baby.  Politics.  Juggling a career with motherhood.  But I want to think about these big three in the new year and work ever towards them.  Over the next three days I will be looking at each of The Big Three more closely and you get to come along for the ride.

There are some other things that I want to do this year too.  Goals, not resolutions.

  • Read 52 books.
  • Print pictures
  • Get wedding photos touched up
  • Take more suggestions

I can’t wait for the new year.  Can you?


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