The Big Three: Nourished Soul

How do you nourish a soul?  This is probably the hardest of The Big Three for me because I think that it is a question that I have been asking for a long time.  It’s not necessarily about religion, but it can be.  It’s more about doing those things that make you feel refreshed like you’ve taken a big drink of water.

It’s about seeking both joy and contentment.  So sometimes it’s maintaining your meditation practice and other times it’s about going outside and doing something.  It’s about doing what you need to do right now to make things better.

I used to play this game with myself and maybe I will start it up again.  I’ll be going along, doing my thing, and ask myself, “What could I do right now to make this better?”  and then doing it, whether it’s turning on the radio, putting on a sweater, or taking a moment to stretch and breath.

It’s about my surroundings too.  I know that I don’t feel as good when I am in a cluttered space or when I have to move things to get to other things.  I know that I am happier when the house is clean than when it is a disgusting mess.  I know that I feel better when I DO things than when I DON’T.

And it’s about all of those things that I listed for a healthy body and a clear mind as well.  They’re building the bottom levels of my pyramid, a hierarchy of needs.

Also, it’s about taking time for myself and also giving to others.  It’s a hard balance to keep but it’s vital.

What nourishes your soul?


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