Daily Devotionals

Remember that blog that I’ve read all the way through once and that Ive started reading again?  The one written by the Christian homeschooling mom?  Well the first time that I read it I noticed she mentioned one particular book a lot and I, of course, went out and bought it.  The book was Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach.  I read it the following year and three times since.

Simple Abundance is a secular daily devotional.  Each month it focuses on something different and some days there are assignments  It’s called a “day book of comfort and joy” and it was exactly what I was looking for.  The only problem is, of course, that the first time I read it I was in my early 20’s and living at home while the book is aimed more at married women with children and their own homes.  I read it again later and then again in 2015.  In 2015 I thought that I was done with it but couldn’t quite bring myself to donate it because something told me it mattered too much to me.  And it does.

I was going to do Simple Abundance again this year.  It was one of my big plans for this blog, working through the ideas in writing every day and applying them to my life.

Then Hubby got me a present.

He is no stranger to my love of the secular devotional.  It’s important to me that it is secular because I don’t identify as Christian.  For two years, for my birthday, he bought me knowledge devotionals.  The first was The Intellectual Devotional which I loved.  The second one had to do with literature, which I should have loved but didn’t.  Hubby will always feed my love of knowledge ad trivia and books and I truly appreciate this.

For Christmas he bought me The Daily Stoic, which I had been wishy washy about buying for about a month.  I asked him to use his prime to order it for me but then changed my mind.  He bought it for me anyway and gave to me as a gift and I am going to doggedly pursue it this year.

I think that I am pretty stoic anyway, until I am not.

Do you have any secular devotionals to suggest?  Maybe I’ll pick up Simple Abundance again next year.


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