Enter the Third

Yesterday was it, you guys.  I entered the third trimester.  Honestly, I didn’t even realize that it was here already and, yeah, I’m kind of freaking out about all the stuff that still needs to be done.  The problem is that there isn’t really anything that I can do by myself other than clean out the future nursery which I have been working on.  Basically I have to wait until Hubby feels the fire under his ass, which he has to do in his own time.

Have you ever played the Sims?  I love the Sims.  My favorite is 2 and I still play it even though I have 3 and 4 as well.  (I HATE 4.  But I will play 3 occasionally and it is installed on my computer.)  Well, when a Sim gets pregnant, it’s basically a game about making sure that Sim survives.  If she works you’re pretty much screwed because her needs all go down so quickly.  She’ll come home from work with a desperate need to pee, eat, sleep, and have fun.  Her comfort need will never be full.  She’ll get negative emotions from throwing up.  Occasionally I’ve had a single mother Sim but it’s really helpful if you have another Sim or two to help out, make the food and scrub the toilet every time she pukes.

There are times when pregnancy feels like this to me.  I have a really hard time accepting that I have to move slower and do less and take care of myself when my usual mind set is “Go, go, go!”

I may have mentioned yesterday that my brain is feeling particularly fried these days.  I really and truly hope that I am just fighting something off, that I am not going to feel this way through the rest of the pregnancy.  Today I tried to put the coffee grinder in the fridge and just now I reached for my coffee and came back empty handed because I left it on the counter.  Midget, the torti, isn’t feeling well either and lots of people are sick.  So maybe it will clear up.  I want it to because I really want to read.

And now I want to play the Sims.  Maybe if I get my work done today.


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