“Challenge Accepted”

I don’t really know when it started but at some point in my life I started taking everything as a personal challenge and I accepted every one that came my way and worked my ass off to crush them.  I guess that’s not necessarily a bad trait but sometimes it does get me into trouble.

Like today when after a string of e-mails insisting on not doing book talks to a bunch of sixth graders until the week after next, because I haven’t read all of the books yet, I finally gave up.  “She doesn’t get what I’m saying but whatever.  Challenge accepted,” I said.  I agreed to Tuesday.  I had to read 2.5 books by then with my foggy brain and general exhaustion and exploding to do list at work.

I’m down to two.

Challenge accepted.

I say it all of the time to a lot of different things and really I just need to learn to keep my mouth shut.


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