Being Here Now

Mindfulness is one of the things that I listed under The Clear Mind.  And there’s a reason for that.  Mindfulness- the act of focusing on the now- makes a world of difference.  So much of a difference that I cannot even accurately describe how it makes me feel without talking in circles.  Clearer.  Focused.  Calmer.  All things that we could all need.

Today is a Sunday at home for us and I have a to do list that is a mile long because it is also laundry day and the house needs to be cleaned.  Right now I don’t mind the list but a large part of that is because I am using it as a dumping ground for all of the things I don’t want running through my head.

Still, I have to reign myself in.  I catch my mind wandering off, shooting ahead to the million things that are in the future, and I have to take a breath and refocus.

I started playing with mindfulness last spring.  At that point I had developed a little bit of a meditation practice and I was starting to see the value of letting thoughts slip away.  (Again, sometimes I like to take an idea and chase it until I find another one that I want to chase but this is not always the best way to handle things.)  The first day that I made a conscious effort to be mindful was like magic.  I’d catch my mind wandering off at work and I’d take a deep breath, check my posture, and then focus.  It felt so good.  I wasn’t worrying and I wasn’t hurrying.  I was just being and doing, doing the task at hand and being there for it.  At the end of the day I had accomplished more than I had in a long time and I felt less anxious and more energized.

That is the world that I want to live in today.  There’s no use thinking about tomorrow.  Today I want to breath and focus and get into a flow and not worry about how much I get done and take the time to do the task at hand, even if that task is petting the cat on my lap for a good fifteen minutes.  Because, you know, there is no better time for this than now.  Now is the place to be.


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