Enough is Enough

“It’s a little more like the image of a caterpillar enclosing itself in a cocoon in order to go through the metamorphosis to emerge as a butterfly.  The caterpillar doesn’t say: ‘Well now.  I’m going to climb into this cocoon and come out a butterfly.’ It’s just an inevitable process.”  -Ram Dass

I’ve been complaining this week.  To you.  To everybody.  I am tired.  I am fog-brained.  I cannot get everything done.  I feel cornered.  I feel guilty.  I feel tangled.  I feel lost.

I get it.  I do.  I feel all of those things.  But, honestly,  I can’t stand myself anymore.  I really cannot tolerate it anymore.  I cannot tolerate my exhaustion.  I cannot tolerate my stupidity.  I cannot tolerate my general shit attitude.

And this afternoon I decided that enough was enough.

Right now I am taking a deep breath and focusing on the tasks at hand.  I am keeping my head clear by not pressuring myself to deal with everything right this second.  I am battling my exhaustion by drinking water and making sure that I get up and move around.  I am battling my attitude by readjusting.

Now is the time to get things together, to kick some ass, to get things done.  And I am going to.  Tomorrow, my post will be about how great my day is and how awesome my life is and how excited I am for a whole new world.

Today, I lay the foundation.


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