As Promised

I am in a good mood today, as promised.  I have made myself get up and do stuff and smile.  I have made myself ignore the little physical naggings of pregnancy and get on with it.  It’s a good start with strong foundations.  Now I just need to carry tht through until I get home at 10.  I can do it.

Today I have a program that runs from 6-9 so I am working another late day.  I’m leaving early to get my oil changed.  I am getting as much done around the house as I can at a comfortable pace before that.  I am loving cats, listening to podcasts about books, and trying to decide if I want Jimmy Johns or Taco Bell for lunch.  I am happy that I got to hug and kiss Hubby this morning and can’t want to do it again tonight.

A simple, short entry but all of the things I promised.


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