The Weekend Review

I don’t write a lot about what I’m actually doing here, so I thought that I wold give you a quick weekend view.

On Friday I had a program that ran after hours at work so I got to go in late.  I left early and got an oil change, the last minute supplies for the lock-in, and some KFC.  I had not had KFC in at least a year and I got the original recipe, which I probably hadn’t had in a decade, and it was all kind of a let down.  After I ate, I pulled out tons of fast food trash from my car and chastised myself for being gross.  Preggo or not, it’s totally gross.  Anyway, the lock-in was a resounding success except for a food delay.  The kids really enjoyed themselves.  We did a murder mystery with about 18 kids and they were engaged and excited.  It was really cool.  I got home after 10 and Hubby and I played a new game, Suburbia, which I really enjoyed.

Saturday we had afternoon/evening plans but nothing else.  The idea was to have some awesome breakfast sandwiches and then I was going to work on my massive to do list, including cleaning the house, and hopefully get through all of that by the end of the weekend.  Then we found a leak.  Okay.  I confess that we both KNEW about the leak but we were both willing to pretend that we hadn’t noticed the leak before even though we had totally discussed it.  So, surprise plumbing!  (This is why we don’t have a nursery yet.  Other things keep popping up!)  We cleaned out the cupboard and climbed in with my mask and bleach to get the mold out, and then it was lunch time and I hadn’t eaten and I felt like a bad preggo.  We ran into town for lunch and supplies and then Hubby finished up the plumbing and I put the stuff back in the cupboard and took a nap.

My brother-in-law, his fiance, and one of their friends came over on Saturday night for games and a Mexican feast.  Hubby made some bitching pork.  We played Fiasco, Say Anything, and Telestrations.  It was a good time and I was exhausted when everybody left.

Sunday I started out really doing well but in the afternoon I decided that I didn’t want to do anything but sit on the couch and recharge.  I don’t really regret it because I feel pretty good today, but I do still have to clean the house. lol.

All in all, it was a nice weekend and I hope to follow it up with a good week.


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