A Beautiful Life

I heard someone talking about reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic the other day and she said that she really enjoyed it.  She said that she usually errs on the side of science, of knowing what it is in the human brain that makes someone creative, but that it was also nice to hear someone’s thought about the magic of it all too.  She said the book helped her to realize that was she was creating was a beautiful life.

Of course, that got me thinking.

Isn’t that what I really want?  A beautiful life.  What does that entail, exactly?  And of course it’s different for different people.  I think this is what I have been thinking about all along, from reading Simple Abundance and The Blog to pursuing happiness and planning gardens.  What I really and truly want is a beautiful life.

I’m also smart enough to know that I am the one who has to make that life happen.  I can’t count on someone else.  I have to figure out what it means to me and what it looks like to me.  Then I have to go out and get it.  Or, maybe I have it already.  Maybe this life is beautiful and I just need to slow down and be mindful enough to appreciate it.

Today I checked out the audiobook of Big Magic and I hope that I manage to get something from it, even if I just get a starting place.  A starting place would be a great start.


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