Sometimes it’s nice just to have the quiet things in life.

I had such a nice, quiet day at work yesterday.  I read and I read book reviews.  I hung out at my off desk by myself most of the day.  I finished a book and read a short story.  I picked up some Chinese food on the way home.  Hubby was home with a stomach bug and when I got there he was in bed.  He got up to eat and then laid back down and I had the night to myself.  I watched Eureka and cleaned the dining room and wrapped some embroidery floss onto bobbins and vegged on the couch.  After a while, I was tired and I turned off the TV and read until I fell asleep.  It was nice.

This morning I lounged in bed for a bit and now Hubby is off grabbing us some breakfast and I am diligently working through my to do list and wrapping more embroidery floss and hanging out with the cats and being quiet.  It’s a nice kind of feeling.

We’re supposed to go to game night tonight but we’ve got to see how Hubby is feeling first.  He seems a little better but he hasn’t eaten much in the past 24 hours so we’ll see what happens when we throw food into the mix.  Me?  I am content to sit and be quiet and move slowly through my day and most likely take a little nap.


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