The Weekend Update

I missed my post yesterday.  It was a crazy day.  When I woke up in the morning I had a text from my mother asking me to take her to the ER.  I rushed to make myself somewhat work ready, got in the car, drove to her house, got her into her car, drove her to the ER, and waited with her.  It ended up being nothing serious but when I got to her house she looked pretty bad and it was stressful and scary.  I was really proud of myself for managing to keep it together and do what I could.  After the hospital, I dropped off her scripts and we got breakfast while we waited then I took her back home and I got back in my own car and went to work.  Then work was crazy.

I was just pretty damn shot by the time I got home.  I managed to pull myself together enough to hang out with Hubby a little bit but I was in bed by my usual time and slept like a rock.

Then today: An adventure!

Hubby and I went to the Henry Ford Museum today.  This was my third visit and I really do love it.  They have some cool stuff there.  My favorite is a house that was designed to solve the post WWII housing shortage but would have cost $10 million to produce.  We also really enjoyed the big engines and, of course, the cars.  We got to see the car Kennedy was shot in.  They had an exhibit on the fight for freedom and equality and we got to sit on the Rosa Parks bus.  It was a lot of fun, really, and very interesting.  I do love museums, though.  I can’t wait until I have a kid to haul around and educate.

After the museum, we continued adventuring.  We went to Penzy’s Spices and Books A Million.  We had dinner at a Vietnamese place and I got to have Pho for the first time.  We explored a record store where I scored Veruca Salt and the Distillers.  Then we stopped at Kroger on the way home.

I am beat.  My feet and back hurt.  Ian was pushing on me all day.  But I had such a good time.  You know, I love my husband and I love that we get to do these things together.  He’s seriously my favorite.  And my favorite thing he did today was ask me if they ever started the cars in the museum because if they didn’t he felt bad for them.  Cars are made to be driven.  ❤


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