Getting Back on the Horse

I wrote a novel.

Okay, I’ve written a few novels and I swear that they are much better than this blog.  Well, at least the last one was.  The last one was even GD brilliant in places.  It needs some work, needs some shine, but I have taken it to the point where I no longer feel that I can make it better on my own.  I have taken it to the point where I feel that it is good enough to attract interest.

In fact, I sent out some query letter and samples last year and it DID get some interest.  I sent it to about 10 agents and got 1 full manuscript request and four personal replies.  I felt like that was a success, really.  That was a GREAT rejection rate!  I wasn’t even stung by it and the agent who requested the full manuscript pointed out the weak spots that I already saw.

Never the less, after my first round of queries I put it aside.  I thought that I would think some more about it and then edit some more before sending it out.  I had someone offer to read it who I trust but when I talked about giving him the file, Hubby said he wanted to read it first.  The printed copy sits on our coffee table, only the first 20 pages touched, stacked high with other books that have also only had the first 20 pages touched.

I haven’t done anything with my novel since November except think about it.  I honestly feel like this one has something and that it might see the light of day eventually.  I am not saying that it is publisher ready.  I am not saying it is great.  It is just the kind of thing that keeps nagging at me, asking me why I haven’t done more.

So today I decided that I would get back on the horse.  10 queries in nothing.  There are so many other agents out there and I think it might be time to send out another batch.  I am going to start a new list of agents and then I will send my baby out five at a time, keeping it manageable.

Because it’s time to get back on that horse.


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