It’s All Good

lately you’ve heard me talk a lot about being sick and being tired and being frustrated.  Today I do not feel that way.

Today I got a mostly full night’s sleep.

I managed to get out the door with enough time to get gas.

I had an ultrasound first thing, and Ian is looking good.  (What I could see of him.  He’s not keep on having his photo taken.)

I got some groceries after my appointment and I got lots of good food that I can’t wait to eat.  (Muffins!  Lasagna!  Pineapple!)

I made a quick trip to the Salvation Army where I got a maternity top and a pair of shoes for $9!

I met my mother for lunch at Big Boy.  I cheated and got a club sandwich (Hubby is particular about me eating turkey) and then I had a mini hot fudge ice cream cake, which I have been wanted for weeks.

I came to work and finally met with my boss about maternity leave.

It’s just been one of those day, you know?  I feel pretty good and I am getting a lot done and I am, well, happy.  The baby is healthy.  I am healthy.  I am getting things done.  I’m just in a good mood.  I’m just enjoying my day.

I hope you are enjoying yours!


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