What I Want this Weekend

I have quite the day in front of me.  I have to leave at 10, go to Meijer, Jimmy Johns, Dominoes, and then work.  I’m hosting 20 teenagers at the library tonight for a program.  I won’t be home until 10 and then who the hell knows what will happen.  Will I get a chance to collapse on the couch and read (die)?  Or will I play a game with Hubby?  Any way you slice it, I am happy that the weekend is upon me.  Here’s what I would like out of this weekend.

To sleep in.

To finish a book or two.

To clean the house.

To finish the nursery closet.

To play some games.  Specifically I’d like to play Pandemic Iberia but I have a feeling that won’t actually happen.  Also on my list: Cable Car, T’zolkin, Luna, PowerGrid.

Naps.  I’d love some naps.

Some delicious food including: pork nachos, lemon muffins.  Okay, basically those two things.

I’d really like to be ready to paint the nursery next weekend.  So I want to get a lot of that done.

I want to do all of this and do it at my own pace and just feel okay and comfortable.


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