Things I Miss

I’ve done really well with the whole pregnancy thing, but I would be lying if I told you that there weren’t things that I miss.

Last night we went to a goodbye part for a friend who is moving across the state and it was at a tap room.  One of my favorite things in the world is a flight of beers and seeing that list of something like 50 craft beers made it incredibly hard to just drink water.  If we were at a residence, I would have had a beer as I have allowed myself a beer here and there through the whole pregnancy.  But I am no longer not obviously pregnant and I know how people judge.  I told myself that I could have one when I got home but I didn’t want one then.

I miss enjoying my coffee.  Sometimes I do really, really enjoy it still.  Then there are times like this morning.  I wanted coffee.  I enjoyed the first half a cup.  I finished my first cup.  I want to want a second one, though, and I made enough for each of us to have two cups but I just can’t.  Maybe I’ll want some this afternoon and I can reheat some but probably not.  What a waste and how difficult not liking things that I know I like.

Kind of like pickles.  I love pickles in my real life.  I can eat two jars a week with ease.  I don’t want them right now.  At all.

I miss gin and tonics.

I miss missing smoking.  I seriously don’t even miss it anymore, which I know should be a good thing.  I should be thankful that I got an easy quit.  But I always liked smoking and I never did it much.

Yesterday I remembered how much I like a good hookah even though we hadn’t actually used one in probably four years.

I miss bunches of my cardigans.  Bunches of them.

I miss sushi off and on.  And I was missing club sandwiches (statistically, turkey lunch meat is the most dangerous and is the only lunch meat that I have tried to avoid) but I cheated and had one this week and it was wonderful.

And I miss just doing stupid things and knowing it will be alright.  Single trips to carry n groceries and climbing up on tall, wobbly chairs to change light bulbs and all of that.

Things will be back to normal, kind of, soon.  Just about six weeks left, you guys.


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