The Big Three- A Check In

You may recall The Big Three.  I talked about them a bit for a while and how they were the things that I wanted to pursue this year, even though I recognized that it was going to be a rough year for pursuing things.  The Big Three are Healthy Body, Clear Mind, and Nourished Soul.

Let’s start at the top, shall we?

I think that I have done decently well with the Healthy Body aspect of this.  See, I am not seven and a half months pregnant but I have tried my best to eat my fruits and vegetables, stay active, and get as much sleep as I can.  Some days I know that I don’t do these things.  There are days when the thought of food makes me ill and days when I am too tired to get up and do something and nights when I just don’t sleep.  But I try and I think that is the important thing.  The truth is that I recognize that it will be years before I am well rested again.  I can only do what I can do.

I have had similar difficulties with keeping a Clear Mind.  Like I said, I am tired sometimes and I cannot function on my normal level.  What I can do is try to calm my mind and focus on one thing at a time.  Also, I have been working more on meditating.  Even though I usually only meditate for three to five minutes in the mornings, I recognize that I have taken a lot from this practice.  I feel calmer.  My mind feels more orderly.  I have better self control.

Now, what about a nourished soul.  This was the one that I always expected to be the most difficult.  What nourishes the soul?  Is it devote prayer?  Is it merely taking time to do the things you love?  Is it the pursuit of happiness?  I can tell you that my soul has felt replenished by reading and by slowing down to enjoy the thing that I am doing right now.  Conversations with friends and family have nourished me, so has receiving a wonderful card that was downright fortifying.  Sometimes it has meant just taking a moment to love on a cat.

I don’t think that I am doing too poorly.  I have been very lucky.  My pregnancy so far has been easy and I have felt pretty well.  I am blessed.


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