Another Sunny Day

It started out as a bit of a roller coaster.  I got something that I needed this morning, so quiet and kind time, but not long after that things got crazy.  Sometimes Hubby can be a Turdface Supreme and it’s happened a couple of times this week.  I’ve mentioned before that being around someone who is in a bad mood is draining and that it’s really easy for a bad mood to jump ship and settle in on someone else.  It’s even worse when, say, you’re tired because you just don’t sleep anymore and you’re 7.5 months pregnant and trying really, really hard to keep yourself in check and not be “moody and hormonal.”  Then, say, someone finds a way to take their general lack of motivation and make it your fault even though you work your ass off to keep things running smoothly and have also spent about a month trying to empty out the future nursery by yourself.

So, Hubby went to work and I was angry and I cried and I stewed and I worked around the house because I have to prove people wrong and pretend that I’m some superwoman or something.  (I do.  It’s a problem.  It’s why I’m still working out and still lifting things I shouldn’t and still going out to parties and still taking on extra shit everywhere and not asking for help.)

But the fact of the matter is that the world doesn’t stop because you’re mad and there is shit that needs to be done.  I got my ass in gear and took care of some stuff around the house and then left early for my appointment.  I stopped at the bank and took care of some banking I had been carrying around for a week and got a new book for my Christmas club.  I went to my appointment and didn’t get in trouble for gaining too much weight (Good, because I am only up 12 lbs from prepregnancy and everyone keeps nagging me to eat more even though I can’t) or for not gaining enough (Ian is two ounces underweight right now).   I did my NST and got out of there like way before I expected to.

I spent my extra time running around.  I got my hair trimmed finally which means I can dye it this weekend in anticipation of my shower.  I went to my favorite used book store, where I have been meaning to go for a couple of months, and bought myself SIX books!  Then it was time for some lunch and I decided to swing into 5 Guys (maybe because I knew Hubby would be jealous).  Then I was off to work.

Hubby called when he didn’t hear from me and I asked if he was done being a Turdface and he said no but I updated him on the doctor appointment anyway.  And he said he’d go to my next appointment with me.  It’s strange, I think, that I feel like he doesn’t need to come.  I don’t want him missing all of that work and, I don’t know, it feels like some kind of mess I’ve gotten myself into, like something else for me to just handle.  I know that’s kind of fucked up.

Still, by the time I got to work I was feeling pretty okay again.  I’m still not giving in on any turdy-ness but I am having a nice afternoon that I hope extends into the evening.  Maybe a Shamrock Shake on the way home and some reading in bed while I do my hip tilt to try and flip this little guy around.


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