Nursery- Day Two

Today is day two of the nursery project.  Yesterday Hubby ripped out the carpet.  We did some running in town for last minute supplies and stopped by my in-laws to borrow some tools.  Then we put the first coat of paint on, Hubby rolled while I taped and cut in.  He got the carpet tacks and stuff up from the edges.  Today I put on a second coat of paint and he’s pulled out the staples and vacuumed.  Next: Laying some floor.

It’s a difficult project because I can only do so much and Hubby and I both have a hard time with that.  I need to be close enough to help without getting under foot.  Later, the in-laws are stopping by to see the progress and drop off the crib.

Mostly, I can’t wait for this part of the process to be done because our house is basically tunnels through stuff right now.  The only carpet smells.  The cats are a bit freaked out.  I want to put the house back in order and I want to do it piece by piece.  I’ve been doing my best to squash the nesting instinct but now I want to let it flow.  I wish that I knew that I could organize everything, every room, top to bottom before the baby comes because we have SO MUCH STUFF and I’d like to get rid of a shit ton of it.

I have no idea how today will go but I hope that it all works out fine.  We have an ongoing joke about my house and how nothing is ever easy here.  I won’t hold me breath but hope springs eternal.

For me, while I stay available and our of the way?  My to do list, laundry, transporting smelly carpet to my mother’s dumpster in a Mustang.


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