My House is a Mess

I’ve always said that some things have to get worse before they can get better.  I know that.  The problem is that I have a really, really hard time living with a mess.  I don’t like stepping around things.  I don’t like moving things to get to other things.  I also have firm beliefs about how tidy surroundings help you think clearer and sleep better.

Needless to say, I am frustrated.

In my bedroom, the top half of my sewing desk is in front of my dresser.  The clean clothes are in the clothes hamper because I can’t get to the dresser.  The drawers from my sewing desk are split between being on the floor in front of the bed and being on the shelf leaning against my dresser which means that I also cannot quite access the stuff on top of my dresser which includes my bathroom stuff that can’t go back in the bathroom until the shelf it back in the bathroom which can’t go back until it’s painted which can’t be done until the trim is up.

In the office, my armchair is leaning against my desk and my desk is covered with stuff that came from the guest room.  The donations for the Goodwill and the used book store are in there and the bathroom stuff that can’t go back into the bathroom is stacked on top of it all.  Plus, there’s the vacuum cleaner and a big box of my sewing supplies.

In the hallways there’s a rolling bin of fabric piled high with outlet and switch covers.  The stuff to finish the bathroom is against the opposite wall, further down.  The linen closet door is open and leaning against the open door are the doors from the nursery.

In the kitchen, my painting project is on the stove because there was no other available surface.  The rest of the counters are mostly clear but there is a saw and saw table set up where the island usually is.

The island is in the dining area, in front of my  side of the kitchen table and the cat dishes.  There is a high chair in a box and a travel system in a box.  On top of those are bongos and boards.

In the living room?  An amp, a harp, five guitars, a ukulele.  Plus, random stuff that’s been piled around this stuff that I don’t even know what it is.  On the other side of the room, the lower part of my sewing desk on an old piece of carpet so it can be slid.

And our usual mess is below all of this, buried like artifacts in ruins.

I cannot wait to get this all in order.  I cannot wait.


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