Shower Tunnels

I didn’t write yesterday.  It was my baby shower!  I napped in the morning so that I could maybe go out afterward but I was still dead by the time it was over and everything was in the house.

I have never been a big fan of showers, even when they are for me.  I don’t like receiving gifts, not even at Christmas or on my Birthday, because it makes me feel so awkward.  I don’t generally like being the center of attention and I always feel like my thanks sound fake and weak.  But it really was a lovely shower and I had a ton of fun.  I was even well behaved and personable.  lol.

If you recall what the house was like last week, add two carloads of gifts to it!

I am happy to have a Sunday to work on things.  Hubby is supposed to finish the nursery and I plan on finally letting the nesting bug loose.  I have coffee and snacks and water and a book with short chapters and I am ready to go!

Wish me luck!


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