Manic Mondays

My goal for yesterday was to just hang around the house and work on some cleaning and projects while Hubby finished up the nursery.  My thought was that he would get the trip, install it, move the dresser up, and then we could start to unpack the gifts, thus clearing some room in the living room.  Maybe I would even be able to work on some actual cleaning and of course I would get the laundry done because laundry is easy.

Nay.  This is not how these things go.

Our quick trip into our little town quickly did not work out.  We had to go to Home Depot in the big town.  That means that our 30 minute trip for supplies because a FOUR HOUR trip for supplies across three stores.

I thought we would finish up the nursery, Hubby thought it was a good idea to do the bathroom light first, while it was still light out.  Due to a number of unforeseen issues, there is currently no light in my bathroom and we had to keep the breaker turned off which also is connected to the bedroom, hall, kitchen, and dining room lights, as well as the outlets in the bedroom and bathroom.  Last night I made chicken Parmesan by cell phone light.  I cut chicken, pounded it out, breaded it, and pan fried it and it was good. lol.

I think that the nursery is done except for the dresser and the closet door.   We need to buy a bookshelf too.

Still, it’s hard to get ready in the morning when you are tripping over cats and husbands and gifts and tools.  It’s hard to get ready when half the house doesn’t function and that half is the one you use for things like getting dressed and make up and hair and tooth brushing.

Tonight Hubby is finishing the light and the closet door.  I’ve never been so excited to have light before!


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