Today’s Status Report:  I am tired.  I’ve been up since 4:30.  I got out of bed at 5 and got to work around the house.  Basically, I wore myself out while simultaneously getting nothing real done.

When I got to work this morning, I loaded up my usual morning news page only to discover that they are not posting today for a Day Without Women, which cut a significant chunk of time from my morning work.  I am hours ahead now.  I am probably going to run out of work today.

I am going to have to come up with a way to keep myself awake and alert for the next six hours.  There is some work to be done, the finishing touches on Summer Reading and a massive order to be placed, and there are some things that I can do, like run to Meijer for some supplies.  I guess I can read a bit.  I’ll make sure there is nothing else that I need to do before my leave.

And then I’m home free, you guys.  I have until my leave to basically not go into labor.  At least at work.

One of the lists I plan to make today is what, exactly, needs to be done in what order in the house.  There is a lot of “this before that” that needs to be done.  Last night I got a little nagged about not being ready yet but there’s not much that I can do right now until other things are done.  Preparation has never been our strong suit.

Sometimes it really weirds me out that I’m going to have a baby by the end of this month.  It doesn’t seem possible.  But that’s life.


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