Friday and People are Generous

The past week has been an avalanche of gifts.  Gifts at my shower.  A work shower.  Gifts from coworkers who were not working on the day of my work shower.  People have been ridiculously generous.  Hubby and I are lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives.  Even when I complain about the advanced tunneling system in my house, I can’t really be bothered by it.  It’s full of toys and onsies and diapers and so many handmade blankets and gifts that it’s insane.

One of my cousins had one of my father’s famous flannels turned into a teddy bear for Ian and also ordered a custom throw blanket with my father’s Mustang on it.

My bestie made me tons of little hats that are too too adorable.

I’ve received two afghans from coworkers and a tie blanket.

There are David Bowie and Led Zeppelin onsies.

I really and truly have been spoiled and loved and adored.  I am very blessed.

Now it’s Friday and after the strange week I am ready for the weekend.  Like I said, we have a busy weekend in front of us.  Tonight I am rushing to the pharmacy after work, stopping home, getting done what I can, and then going back to town to grab dinner with Bestie and her husband.  I am already tired so I imagine that I’ll die from exhaustion when I get home.

Tomorrow?  Another adventure for another day.


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