Strange Days Indeed

Yesterday a strong wind blew through Michigan and knocked out a lot of power.  We were lucky and never lost it at home.  I did lose it at work and got to go home three hours early, which I used for a nice little nap.

This morning, I got up and got ready for my doctor’s appointment and work, sure that I would have it.  My appointment was at 10:30.  At 10:45, my boss called to tell me that we did not have power and would not open today, that I definitely did not need to come in to work.  My non stress test went great but my blood pressure was slightly elevated so after meeting with the doctor and then waiting around for information on the scheduled c-section, they sent me to labor and delivery where they drew my blood and made me pee in another cup and sent me on my way.  I met my mother for lunch.  Halfway through lunch, my boss called and asked me to be to work by four.

So much for definitely!

I ran home, took a quick nap, and then drove back down.  Once I got to work, the doctor’s office called to tell me what symptoms to look out for and to tell me that my labs came back perfect.  Then I freaked out.  Because the things I’m supposed to look for are things that are perfectly normal for me.  Headache?  Yeah, I got a migraine last night.  Blurred vision?  I got flashes of light with my migraine.  Chest pains like severe heartburn?  Yeah, I get heart burn two hours after every meal.  It took a while to calm myself down but I am finally calm.

I have a big busy weekend in front of me.  I could have used the day off.


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