Sunny with Bouts of Hormonal Rage

I was warned that things would get a little sticky in the third trimester.  Everybody told me about how much I was going to cry and how I wasn’t even going to know what was wrong.  Hubby was warned that I would either be a cranky bitch or a weeping mess.  Any time that I reacted emotionally in the last eight months to anything, people smiled and winked and implied that it was the pregnancy even when the emotions were perfectly logical and called for.  Yes, I think that it’s okay for me to be angry at my cousin for not only not coming to my shower but also throwing a party at the same time and only inviting me out of the whole family to it, especially since this isn’t the first time she’s pulled something like that.  That’s perfectly logical to me.

I know that some of my emotions are, indeed, the result of hormones.  I know that some are perfectly reasonable.  I also know that I have been incredibly well behaved.

But this week… The angers.  Monday I was angry with Charter, who provides our internet, because our into rate was apparently LESS THAN HALF of the normal rate.  We were also promised a four year guarantee on our price but it turned out to only be one.

Tuesday it was a gentleman at work who has a tendency to do weird tongue things when he talks to people.  He looks like  a snake and whenever his tongue peeks between his lips I want to pull it out.  Yesterday he asked me the same question three times and then came to me with a problem and did a very involved thing with his tongue that enraged me.

And today?  Well, today it has to do with someone thinking that they are my boss when it’s the other way around.  I am fighting the urge to put her in her place rather valiantly, I think.  I may be acting cold but I am at least not losing my shit.

So, see?  I think that I am doing well.  Congrats to me.


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