Optimism, Gratitude, Pizza, and Books

Happy Friday!

If I count today, I have just six days left of work before my maternity leave.  Since we are indeed doing a c-section, all I have to do with this little guy for the next week is hope that he stays in there until we’re ready.  This weekend I’ll pack my bag, wash up the newborn clothes, pick up the rocking chair, and install the car seat.

I am feeling optimistic today, or at least I am trying to.  I have had one of those days where I make decisions and promises to myself.  And it feels good.  I wanted to remind myself that I am not everyone else and they are not me.  I can do things my own way and just because it is different doesn’t mean that it is wrong.  I can be me and do the things I do and still be a good mother.

I am grateful for my support system.  For my Bestie who puts up with me and answers my questions.  For my other best friend who is due three months after me and also can’t sleep at night.  For my mother-in-law for being willing to take the baby while I work.  To my mother for being the best fucking mother ever.  For Hubby because he’s just my favorite person in the world and mostly knows what to say.  For my kitties for being awesome kitties.

Tonight there will be pizza.

This morning I bought three books on Amazon.  Just for me.  With Christmas money.  Because I can and I have faith that I will read.


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