Remember Your Corner

I started talking about corners when I was in love at the age of 15.  I had been dating a boy online (I know, I know) for about a year and things were beginning to fall apart.  His life was different from mine and he was being forced into much more adult situations.  His mother passed away from cancer before we met and after living two years with his father and his step mother, he couldn’t get along with them anymore.  He moved in with a friend and got a job and started going to the alternative high school so he could make things fit in his life.  There wasn’t room for me but I wasn’t willing to let go.  I told him, “Whatever little corner of your life you can give me, I promise I’ll be happy with it.”

As I grew older, I started to think about my own corner.  It occurred to me that I had my own corner to hang out with.  I quit thinking about the little pieces of other peoples lives that I got to reside in and started thinking about my own.  My corner became much larger.  I did not reside in a corner of my life but my life resided in a corner of the world and all I could do is take care of my corner.

Lately my corner has been cluttered with the noise of the world.  I am at a loss for words.  I am so angry at the people who I disagree with.  I am so angry about so much. I have forgotten to make my corner of the world beautiful, to fill it with light and love.

I think that I am going to try to take a break from Facebook for a bit.  It will be hard because I have always liked it, but I need to take a step back.  My world is about to grow and expand in new ways and I want to be present for it, not seething with anger all of the time.


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