Greetings from the Other Side

I am not dead.

Actually, I only intended to take a few days off at first.  I did not take my laptop to the hospital and I planned on writing when I got home.  When I got home there was a big breast feeding fiasco followed by the usual adjustment period.  Hubby was home last week and I spent a lot of time with him and Little Man (LM).  Our schedules were completely off because we were nervous enough to be up with the baby pretty much nonstop, one of us sneaking off to bed at a time.

I thought that I would settle into a kind of routine this week when Hubby went back to work.  He worked a half day on Monday and then took me to get my staples out.  Tuesday I thought might be a normal day but I ended up having company for over 5 hours.  Wednesday Hubby took off so LM could get circumcised.  Another hour drive out to our doctor’s office and hour drive back, plus a fussy baby who was pretty uncomfortable.  I got a nap at least.  That helped.

Hopefully I am back now.  And I have so much to talk about!  I won’t do it all today because I want to go grab a nap while LM is sleeping and he’s just gone out.  Suffice to say that I survived the c-section and am recovering remarkably well.  I’m still settling in.  But I am happy and I love LM and Hubby and The Cats.  I am tired and it is hard work but it is worth every minute.


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