Spring Has Sprung

Spring is not my favorite season.  In fact, it is my second least favorite after winter.  You would think that I would find it to be a relief.  Because I live in Michigan, the winters can drag on and on.  Last weekend was mildly warm and sunny but it was followed by snow on Thursday and now it’s in the 70’s and sunny.  It rains for days in a row and everything floods and there’s so much mud.  And you never really know what is going to happen.  The snow on Thursday?  At one point it was going to be four inches but it ended up being pretty much just a dusting and it melted in the afternoon.

But today I took advantage of the spring just a little bit.  I left LM with Hubby and I wandered down to the store for some groceries.  I put the top down and listened to punk rock and it felt good.  The sliding door is open and the bedroom window.  It smells fresh out there.

Spring isn’t all bad and I plan to do my best to enjoy it this year.  When else will I be off work for most of a season?

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