Cooking from the Pantry

This is an unfair post title.  I don’t have a pantry.  What I have is a dinky kitchen and an old DVD shelf.  Seriously.

But I think that I want some Mexican food tonight and I think that I can pull this off with things that I have in my kitchen.  I know that I have refried beans and sour cream and cheese and salsa and onions and green onions and tortillas.  I know that there is taco sauce and enchilada sauce.  I know that I want Mexican.  So I should make it happen.

It is not often that I am able to pull something like that off.  Usually we very little meldable food in the house.  Our cupboards consist of French onion soup packets, tuna, canned beans, and Ramen.  We have about  boxes of crackers but no actual food.

Some day I hope that I get better at this.  I’d like to be the kind of woman who can throw together a meal at the drop of a hat.  And before long I am going to have to be prepared to feed LM too!

Here’s to wanting Mexican and making it happen.


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